WARSAW — The Czech Ministry of Defense has unveiled plans to launch tenders to acquire new helicopters, armored vehicles and radars this year for an estimated 10.5 billion kronas (US $425 million), local broadcaster Ceska Televize reports.

Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky said that, while the country's government supports the development of local defense manufacturers, the planned procurements are to be awarded to the most competitive bidders.

"We are primarily driven by ensuring high quality-price ratios, and only after this by the aspect of national [defense production]," Stropnicky said.

The three acquisitions will be part of the Czech ministry's plan to modernize the Czech Republic's armed forces and replace Soviet-designed gear with new weapons and equipment supplied by manufacturers based in NATO member states.

The procurement of 18 helicopters are is expected to be worth cost some 5 billion kronas, the purchase of 92 armored vehicles is to be worth about 2 billion kronas, and the 10 radars a further 3.5 billion kronas, will be allocated to buy 10 new radars for the Czech Armed Force, according to data from the Defense Ministry.

The new radars will replace the equipment which has been used by the country's military has used since 1984.

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