Webcast: SMD Debrief 2022
In this webcast, Defense News examined the current state of missile defense, emerging threats in the near future and the long-term needs for effective space and missile defense.
Webcast: Data for Joint Operations
The Defense Department plans to use data to expand the common operational picture, or COP, that informs troops about the state of the battlefield, enemy positions, and other high-value assets. Programs like the Army’s Project Convergence and Project Rainmaker, the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System, and the Navy’s Project Overmatch are intended to expand network functionality and collaboration across the services, inching the Pentagon ever closer to its goal of joint all domain command and control. But what steps are being taken to ensure DoD’s Mission Partner Environment has the same battlefield visibility as our own forces do? From a data perspective, what would it take for allies to integrate their information capabilities with U.S. troops for maximum situational awareness? In this webcast, C4ISRNET explored the data “building blocks” and policies needed to conduct successful joint operations with allied forces across all domains.
The CAE Perspective on Training the Force of the Future
The global environment is changing. Political upheaval, climate change and the complexity of technological advances increase both the difficulty, and the tempo, of military operations, driving a need for modernization of training. Training systems that are adaptive, resilient, and scalable, provide critical flexibility in efficiently and effectively preparing the armed forces for today’s challenges.
Army-Industry Collaboration is the Key to Modernization
The ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe shines a light on the U.S. Army’s strategic focus on readiness and modernization. In its most comprehensive transformation in decades, the Army is simultaneously positioning itself to defeat any potential enemy today and to win on the joint all-domain battlefield of the future.
Webcast: Defense Budget 2023
Defense News convened with defense community thought leaders and experts to break down the budget both on a broad scale and on a programmatic level. This virtual panel discussion provided analysis and observations on what’s shaping the budget, and what leaders in industry and government need to know for the DoD’s investment priorities.
“Switching Cost” – For the Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft Program, It’s More than Just Money
Currently, the U.S. Army is undergoing a modernization effort after 40 years of operating and upgrading equipment designed during the Vietnam War-era, fielded in the early 1980s and served the Army from the Cold War through operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As platforms are developed through this new modernization effort, the Army must ascertain the switching costs to ensure affordability and operational congruency and reduce risk.
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