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Pacific Marines move to formalize role as the stand-in force
In practice, the Pacific Marines have been the inside force even as the rest of the joint force considered China’s growing anti-access/area-denial capabilities. Now, they're formalizing what it means to be a Stand-In Force and what new gear will enable them.
India halts Ka-31 helicopter deal with Russia
India asked to buy Ka-31 helicopters from Russia in May 2019, but the acquisition program faced inordinate delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and the platform’s high price tag.
How digital natives will change the Marine Corps
The Marine of 2030 will be born into the age of the Internet of Things and raised with drones and virtual reality goggles at home — making the commandant comfortable they’ll be able to take on additional tasks and manage a battlefield swirling with information.
First LCS deploys to European waters in 6th Fleet
The Florida-based Freedom-variant LCSs have only operated in local waters and in Central and South America until now, two years after an LCS was originally planned to deploy to 6th Fleet for the first time.
Delay hits Brazil’s $1.7 billion frigate program
Construction of the first of four Tamandaré-class frigates for the Brazilian Navy is delayed, with the shipbuilding timeline slipping from last month to this September, and commissioning potentially being pushed from 2025 to 2026.
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