Defense and national security perspectives from global thought leaders.

Polish defense minister: Here’s how NATO must adapt
Addressing the high dynamics of the global and regional situation will not be effective unless we continuously adapt. Our laws, institutions and mindsets must adapt. Our military must adapt. NATO must adapt.
Shield AI co-founder: Tesla shows us the risks when dominant incumbents fail to be bold
Militarily, China is Tesla: moving at blazingly fast speeds with a sense of purpose and urgency, ruthlessly prioritizing what matters, cutting things that don’t and very much understanding what is at stake. China’s recent hypersonic missile tests serve as perfect examples of a country pushing harder than ever in preparation to win the next war.
Peraton chief: Contractors must think bigger to address today’s threats
Government contractors that invest across the entire portfolio of government security needs — and build purposefully to address those diverse fields — will be more competitive for the growing number of multibillion-dollar contracts because they will be able to provide more comprehensive and integrated solutions.
LIFT Aircraft boss: Progress at the Pentagon from the view of a startup
AFWERX and Agility Prime are shining examples of a new approach to innovation the DoD has undertaken in the past couple of years. The new mantra is “dual use” — identifying promising new tech that could have both commercial and military use, and leaning in to support startups, sometimes even before specific military missions and use cases are identified. Research and development funding is often matched by venture capital, significantly reducing risk.
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