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Israel’s Elbit, Roboteam unveil ‘Rook’ ground robot
The companies say Rook is a multi-payload military vehicle that features “unique design and built-in autonomy suite offering a combination of greater capacity, improved maneuverability and must-have on-field agility that are key for greater mission effectiveness.”
Al Tariq boosts Mk 83 bomb’s range and precision
Al Tariq has integrated a long-range precision-guided munitions kit onto a 1,000-pound high-speed, low-drag Mk 83 bomb, giving it the lonest range of its kind worldwide at 120 kilometers, the Emirate company told Defense News.
Abu Dhabi’s dilemma: Will the UAE ever operate the F-35?
Talks over tech agreements. Debates about system integration. Concerns over cooperation with China and Russia. These are some of the pressure points involved in negotiations between the UAE and the U.S. over an F-35 deal.
Bell rolls out first AH-1Z helicopter for Bahrain
Textron subsidiary Bell has completed the first of 12 AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters for Bahrain, delivering it to U.S. Naval Air Systems Command as part of a 2019 Foreign Military Sales contract.
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