WASHINGTON — Another ballistic missile launch was cited coming from Yemen toward Saudi Arabia, according to Col. Turki-Al-Malki, the official spokesperson for the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen.

In a statement from the Saudi government, Al-Malik said a missile launched Thursday was intercepted and destroyed without causalities while en route to the city of Khamis Mushait. He believes this latest launch is further evidence of a “consistent stream of weapons smuggled into Yemen” and a violation of U.N. Security Resolution No. 2216, which calls for an end to violence in Yemen and imposes sanctions.

The Associated Press reported that Saudi Arabia has on multiple occasions intercepted missiles fired by Houthi rebels, who are trying to take over Yemen. The Saudis are leading a predominately Gulf-Arab coalition to restore Yemen’s ousted government.

In February 2017, the Houthis claimed to have successfully launched a ballistic missile for the first time at the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Last month, Saudi Arabia stated a ballistic missile headed toward one of its major international airports was shot down, though as with the recent interception, no damage or casualties were reported.

While Iran has indicated political support for the Houthis, the country has denied materially supporting them.

The conflict between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis has displaced 3 million civilians and killed more than 10,000 others, with AP reporting that the conflict is pushing the Arab world’s poorest county into even more extreme poverty.