FARNBOROUGH, England -- A burst of strong rain swept through the Farnborough International Airshow Monday afternoon, flooding the exhibition hall and forcing organizers to cancel the last few hours of the show.

Starting around 2:15 PM local time, heavy rains came through in waves. By 3:30, organizers were shutting down power to parts of the event as a safety precaution, and eventually asked that everyone leave the rapidly flooding show floor.

The rain was heavy enough to damage several structures and quickly ended the flying portion of the afternoon, including forestalling for yet another day the long-anticipated routine by the F-35B joint strike fighter.

The big question facing organizers now is whether day two of the event will also be impacted. The weather report predicts rain starting around 11 AM local time, and continuing until the evening.

Here is a roundup of some pictures and reactions to the storm: