SEOUL — The  biennial Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX), set to run Tuesday through Sunday, will feature defense exhibition is to open Oct. 20 here with about 380 aerospace and defense firms worldwide. participating.

The Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2015 is to be held from Oct. 20-25 at an air force base in Seongnam, just south of Seoul.

Held at an Air Force base in Seongnam, just south of Seoul, On the media day Oct. 19, an F-22 Raptor flew aerial demonstrations to showcase its high-end performances on Monday's media day. Two F-22 aircraft arrived earlier at Osan Air Base of the Seventh Air Force headquarters in Pyeongtaek to take part in the Seoul ADEX 2015.  

"Aerial demonstrations will be performed by the F-22 Demonstration Team from Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, and the C-17 Demonstration Team from Hickam AFB, Hawaii," the Seventh Air Force said in a news release.

About 150 US military service members from the U.S. Air Force and Army will participate, in the ADEX while other US aircraft, such as the KC-135 aerial tanker, F-16 combat jet and E-3 early warning and control aircraft, will also be brought in for static display.

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), the country's sole aircraft developer, will display its products, including the T-50 Golden Eagle supersonic trainer jet, FA-50 light-armed aircraft and KT-1 basic trainer jet.

KAI has exported T-50 variants to several countries, including Indonesia, Iraq, the Philippines and Thailand.

"During the ADEX event, we will put a priority on promoting the T-50 jet's superior performances ahead of the US Air Force's T-X trainer acquisition program," a KAI official said.

Hanwha Corp. is set to showcase its wide range of products for ground, naval and air forces. Key weapon systems for the ground forces include the K-9 self-propelled howitzer, the 230mm "Cheonmoo" multiple rocket launcher and 2.57-inch guided rocket.

Hanwha also will showcase its robots for underwater reconnaissance and explosive detection missions, the F-404 engine for the T-50/FA-50, unmanned aircraft, and other aircraft sensor systems.

"The Seoul ADEX 2015 will be an opportunity for Hanwha to showcase its leading capability in the Korean defense market, as the company is increasing the synergy effect through the acquisition of former Samsung affiliated defense firms," Lee Tae-jong, president of Hanwha, said.

US and European defense giants also will participate in the six-day event. Lockheed Martin will display mock-up products of the F-35 joint strike fighter and the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) system, while Boeing is to showcase its maritime surveillance aircraft and the KC-135 refueling plane. during the exhibition. 

Airbus Defense and Space will display its A400M transport aircraft, which was recently selected as the South Korean Air Force's transport plane.

Saab will showcase its Arthur mobile weapons-location radar system, and AESA radar and electronic warfare technologies and active electronically scanned array radar. It also will display its ground launched small diameter bomb and Carl Gustaf M4 multirole, man-portable, shoulder-launched weapon system.