WASHINGTON — With exercise Saber Guardian coming to a close in Eastern Europe and more than 30 exercises still to take place during the remainder of 2017, NATO is continuing to build its readiness. Gen. Tod Wolters, commander of NATO’s Allied Air Command, highlighted for Defense News the importance of these exercises from the air perspective of the multi-domain effort.

“What you want to do is out-work them, out-exercise them, out-train them,” he said on how to best NATO‘s adversaries, such as Russia.

Wolters likened NATO to an athlete, perched in theater in a three-point stance, ready to move forward “on the drop of a dime” in response to nefarious events.

To maximize get readiness, Wolters emphasized training, training and training as the best way to integrate both layered capabilities and layered domains for this level of maximum readiness. And to get the “best juice for your squeeze,” he said, the alliance should train with the resources available.