WASHINGTON — Training and simulation solutions firm Cubic Corporation announced on Tuesday its acquisition of Deltenna Limited.

Deltenna, a wireless infrastructure company, will provide expertise in the design and delivery of radio and antenna communication solutions.

Deltenna, based in the U.K., designs and manufactures wireless products including compact LTE base stations, broadband range extenders for areas of poor coverage and rugged antennas, and the company utilizes LTE/4G technology.

A spokeswoman from Cubic said they acquired the company for its patents, and it will initially operate under Cubic Defence UK. But, she added, Deltenna's technology will benefit all communications divisions in Cubic, especially in the long run.

Cubic is established as a leader in training and simulation in U.S. and international markets, but has recently expressed desire to move into domestic and international C4ISR markets.

In an interview with Defense News, Cubic CEO Brad Feldmann described how Cubic filled out a communications niche with its product called Atlas, a highly portable video communications set-up that can operate on the edge of battlefield.

The company began the Atlas product's acquisition process in 2014, starting with DTech, which provided cloud computing capability. It then purchased GATR Technologies. Later on, it acquired Vocality, which optimized communications pathways.

Now, Cubic has acquired a company with expertise in LTE, frequency re-banding and advanced antenna technologies.

"With Deltenna, we will strengthen our capability of developing and integrating products that will change the way our military forces communicate, train and operate," Feldmann said in a news release.

Though Deltenna’s products will not be incorporated into Atlas first, a spokeswoman from Cubic said Deltenna's LTE/4G expertise will benefit Cunic's C4ISR services.

Feldmann identified on-the-move communications as an area he expects to see growth.

"There’s also a notion of joint area layered network, [which bridges disparate voice and data communications systems] where there is growth," he said in an interview.

Cubic dipped its toe into this endeavor when it established a communications business that moved full-motion video around from UAVs and airplanes down to aircraft carriers and the battlefield.

Cubic's other recent acquisitions:

  • DTech Labs was acquired in December 2014, a provider of modular networking and base-band communications equipment that works closely with GATR.
  • Teralogics was acquired in December 2015, a provider of real-time full-motion video for the U.S. Defense Department.
  • GATR was acquired in January 2016, a leader in satellite communications and known for its inflatable antenna.
  • H4 Global was acquired in November 2015, a small company specializing in simulation training solutions.
  • Vocality was acquired in November 2016, a manufacturer of defense and satellite communications equipment.

Portable Satellite Looks Like Beach Ball

The inflatable satcom antenna by Cubic’s GATR is portable, and Cubic's Atlas provides C4ISR in a box. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)