ABU DHABI – A large shore training facility designed to facilitate training for United Arab Emirates sailors and watch teams is tracking on its 2020 delivery date, while hitting a few snags along the way, according to the Canadian firm CAE.

The facility, which was announced as part of $113 million in contacts with the UAE’s general headquarters in 2016, is approaching critical design review and will have systems ready to use by the end of this year, said Ian Bell, CAE’s vice president for the Middle East and Asia in a media briefing at the International Defense and Exhibition Conference in Abu Dhabi.

“The building is making very good progress, but will probably be a little bit late,” Bell said. “Some of our development has been delayed through data availability. We’re at the point where we are getting close to critical design review, and we hope to step the first ready-for-use later this year. But the ready-for-training isn’t due until May of 2020.”

The contract is estimated to bring in about $450 million over 15 years, according to the 2016 contract announcement.

The center is designed to give UAE sailors training from the individual watch stander to whole watch teams training to fight the ship as a unit. It is also designed to link with shore stations, command and control centers and ships at sea to provide training on the go.

“It’s a whole turnkey solution for everything from individual seaman training to a whole flotilla,” Bell said. “It will be integrated with various ships linked to naval helicopters and command and control so they can also feed as players into the system.”

The first bridge simulators for the center are installed at CAE Montreal for testing, Bell said.