ANKARA — Two Turkish defense firms have won over more than €200 million euros worth of subcontracts in a program designed for the construction of the country's first landing platform dock (LPD).

The companies, Aselsan and Havelsan, both state-controlled, announced July 30 that the contracts they signed with Sedef, the Turkish shipyards that will build the vessel, involve warfare and electronic systems and their integration.

Military electronics specialist Aselsan, Turkey's biggest defense firm, signed a deal for €127 million euros. Its work includes communications, satellite and IFF systems, 12.7mm STAMP and a 25mm STOP guns, acoustics, sonars, radars, electronic warfare systems, infrared tracking systems, laser warning systems, and cruise systems.

Havelsan's work, worth €87 million euros, includes a network-supported warfare management system (ADVENT), ship data distribution, a CCTV system, the Link 11/16/22 tactical communications system, an amphibious mission force command center, a landing force command center, and a command, control and information system.

Turkey announced in December 2013 that it selected Sedef for the ambitious naval program. In the LPD contract, Sedef is partnered with Spain's Navantia.

The planned amphibious assault vessel will carry a battalion-sized unit of 1,200 troops and personnel, eight utility helicopters, and three unmanned aerial vehicles, and also will transport 150 vehicles including battle tanks.

It also will have an aircraft platform for vertical takeoff and landing. A ski jump at the front of the deck can be used to launch fighter aircraft.

Industry sources estimate the cost of the contract at close to $1 billion.

The 231-meter-long vessel will be completed by 2021. It will be deployed on the Aegean Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as on Turkish Navy's operations on the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Turkey will be the third operator in the world of this ship type after Spain and Australia.