MELBOURNE, Australia — Taiwan will soon release its latest Quadrennial Defense Review, with the island’s parliament receiving advance copies of the document, according to the state-run Central News Agency.

The document received by the Legislative Yuan says Taiwan’s military will prioritize deep-strike capabilities as it seeks to improve its defense and ability to delay a potential Chinese invasion, according to CNA. Taiwan is considered a renegade province by China, which had vowed to reunite the island with the mainland by force if necessary.

Taiwan plans to shift its focus from being able to destroy enemy forces landing on its beaches, and instead adopt an asymmetric force structure that can annihilate an enemy at sea prior to making landfall.

The review, which is to be released within 10 months of any Taiwanese presidential inauguration, will also say that Taiwan’s asymmetric systems must be small, mobile, stealthy and numerous for strategic dispersion, taking advantage of the deployment of anti-ship missiles in coastal areas, rapid reaction forces and mine laying at sea.

Mike Yeo is the Asia correspondent for Defense News.

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