Welcome to our new website – new and improved to make your experience with our content more interactive, more engaging and more user friendly.

DefeneNews.com, as well as the websites for sister brands C4ISRNET, Federal Times, and Fifth Domain, have a new look to make it even easier to find the news, videos, infographics and special reports you’ve come to rely upon from Defense News.

Improved for both mobile and desktop, we hope you find the experience a welcome change to our old sites. The news that matters most to you will be easier to find; storytelling through video and photos will be a regular feature; interviews with defense leaders, and special section that drill down into topics in the industry that matter most to you will be showcased.

That said, I ask that you bear with us. System transitions always bring unexpected hiccups and glitches, and we expect this one to be no different. Rest assured they’ll be addressed quickly.

In the weeks to come, more features will be added and enhanced. Contributed commentaries will have a home on the site that is easier to navigate, and we will bring back Intercepts – our reporters blogs that pull back the curtain on reporting about the global defense industry. Our premier video content will be better incorporated with our news stories and data reporting will become central to our coverage.

I encourage you to peruse the new website. Enjoy the new design and come back to see the latest enhancements. And of course, know that the quality, in-depth reporting that you’ve come to expect from Defense News remains at the core of all we do.