Two-star: Every soldier must be a cyber defender

Maj. Gen. Patricia Frost talks about priorities and what's ahead for the growing Army cyber force.

‘No silver bullet’: Pentagon struggles to defeat drones in cat-and-mouse game

The Army, as well as the other services and Pentagon organizations, are on a quest to find enduring countermeasures to defeat enemy drones in what has become a cat-and-mouse game.

Army awards concept design contracts for Patriot radar replacement

The Army has awarded concept design contracts for a new 360-degree radar for its future Integrated Air and Missile Defense system to replace Patriot to Raytheon, Lockheed, Northrop and Technovative Applications.


US Army, industry collaborate to improve ammunition

The U.S. Army is working with industry to provide more cost-effective, high-quality munitions to the war fighter, and to improve upon the process for testing ammunition. The deputy program executive officer for PEO Ammunition details some of the biggest game-changers in this arena.

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