For over two decades, U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) have led the charge in the Global War on Terror. SOF’s focus on innovation, agility and enhancing key partnerships have made it the premiere counterterrorism force while also advancing U.S. interests around the world. Today, as conflict shifts toward peer and near-peer threats, SOF’s unique structure, capabilities and expertise ensure that it remains a critical force for the U.S. and joint operations to deter and respond to Russia and China’s growing influence.

To ensure they stay ahead of evolving threats, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) consistently turns to global industry leader SNC, known for its world-class engineering, integration and modernization expertise. SNC’s history of supporting SOF spans decades, providing cutting-edge solutions that create strategic, asymmetric advantages in integrated deterrence, crisis and conflict situations.

While SNC’s legacy of innovation is rooted in advanced electronic warfare (EW), radiofrequency (RF) jammers and other systems, much of its partnership with SOCOM started with aircraft modification. Today, SNC combines these two strengths to shift SOCOM and special operators into the future. By digitally transforming proven platforms for global SOF support, SNC is creating open architecture systems ranging from Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) enablers, like SNC’s Digital Grid, SNC TRAX® Software, RF countermeasure (RFCM) systems, open mission systems, such as the Airlift Tanker Open Mission System (ATOMS) and other essential, next-gen solutions that enhance SOF’s existing strengths, enabling success in the strategic competitive environment.

SNC’s aircraft modification and modernization work is centered on survivability and connectivity, ensuring the warfighter has the advantage wherever the mission takes them. For instance, SNC’s engineering and installation work on the RFCM system provides threat detection, precision geolocation and active countermeasure capabilities on the AC/MC-130J aircraft, significantly improving survivability in the modern threat landscape through advanced system processing and robust spectrum support.

With the need to further JADC2 in an array of conflict environments, SNC’s integration of an airborne networking capability provides MC-130J aircrew and mission personnel with a secure communications suite. The system aggregates and disseminates tactical data from disparate networks between aircraft, ground forces and command centers across the battlespace. The system works in close coordination with RFCM – the former providing consolidated situational awareness and the latter, aircraft detection and self-protection – working in conjunction to safeguard and enable SOF warriors in degraded and denied environments.

SNC is broadening JADC2 and resilient C2 capabilities across the services, providing solutions for all branches of the U.S. military to greatly increase SOCOM’s strategic advantage in the future fight. It’s groundbreaking integration of the ATOMS solution, demonstrated during Mobility Guardian 2023, delivers enhanced situational awareness through multidomain networking and datalink. SNC’s ATOMS demo showcased the system’s ability to create a Common Operating Picture, improving data interpretation and bolstering decision advantage all within a highly mobile, adaptable platform that is easily configurable for nearly any SOF operation. ATOMS was built to enable global C2 using SNC TRAX to accurately navigate and maneuver the Joint Force while under attack. SNC TRAX translates disparate communication and data platforms across aircraft, Operations Centers, mounted and dismounted warfighters in every phase of the operation, with mission relevant information in near-real time for faster decisions.

As the U.S. refocuses toward Russia and China’s destabilizing influences, SOCOM is focusing on how to adapt its highly specialized forces to compete against a near-peer threat. In this effort, secure, reliable connectivity across the Joint Forces and our allied partners is essential. SNC’s trusted, proven solutions are protecting the SOF warrior in the most critical moments and facilitating global operations for mission success.