As one of the largest electronic intelligence (ELINT) and electronic support measure (ESM) solutions providers in the industry, SNC is re-engineering the connected battlefield through interoperable solutions from sensor-to-shooter, across domains. SNC offers six decades of experience including design, development and delivery of 200+ ELINT/ESM systems on ISR programs of record for U.S. Department of Defense, military and partner nations worldwide. Now the company is taking those operationally-proven systems into the future.

Always one step ahead, SNC perfected its open architecture ELINT/ESM systems for multi-domain operations through heavy IR&D investment over the last 20 years to deliver tomorrow’s technology today.

“We are incorporating SNC’s engineering design, integration and manufacturing expertise to achieve modular open systems approach (MOSA) compliance and exportability while also achieving affordability and interoperability in support of our U.S. Department of Defense and partner nation customers,” said Tim Owings, executive vice president of SNC’s MST business area.

SNC’s ELINT operators are experts in working with land, sea and air-based radar signals, with experience in developing high-Technical Readiness Level (TRL) products for direction-finding, collection planning, signals analysis and report dissemination. Its field-proven products like the AE-4500 ESM system give the warfighter the ability to upgrade at the speed of threat to meet the adversary in the near-peer fight.

“The AE-4500 system’s size makes it truly unique,” added Owings. “It’s a small form factor radar detection and collection unit – meaning the size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements are much less than traditional ESM systems. This makes it very modular for easy setup, collection and transportation.”

SNC supports operations throughout INDOPACOM with solutions like the AE-4500 ESM system for air and ground platforms, that enable long-range, passive precision targeting to detect, identify and locate radars and non-communication signals. Its mature, field-proven hardware and software has been installed and flown on small UAV, turboprop and business jet platforms throughout the PACFleet.

The system also offers seamless ground platform integration for installation on fixed masts, mobile masts, shelter systems, buildings and other elevated areas to enable maximum coverage of the surrounding environment. It’s configurable for operations over multiple frequency ranges using a variety of antenna arrays for optimal field-of-view coverage.

But how can customers leverage all that data? SNC provides tailorable mission package solutions and integrations based on both platform and mission needs. The AE-4500 system not only delivers precision geolocation data, but also post-mission analysis tools, correlation and reporting.

“Our goal is to give the warfighter the power to exploit integrated data to accelerate their decision-making abilities through actionable intelligence,” explained Owings. “Situational awareness across platforms and domains is key to staying ahead in this ever-changing battlefield. SNC has what our customers need to win that fight.”

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