This event happened on March 8, 2023

To ensure a steady supply of equipment and materiel needed both for its own operations and its support for Ukraine, the U.S. is relying on industry partners and allies to ensure supply chains remain undisrupted and parts, equipment and munitions are arriving on time. Meeting those needs is a massive logistical, communication and financial challenge, and U.S. leadership must ensure all partners are successfully working together to meet demand. In this webcast, Defense News examined how the U.S. military is supporting Ukraine, what that support means for U.S. readiness and how industry partners are involved in surge capacity for the industrial base.

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Guest Speakers:

  • Hon. Douglas R. Bush, Assistant Secretary, Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) and Army Acquisition Executive
  • Sandor Becz, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Technology, Elbit Systems of America