This event happened on October 10, 2022

Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has prompted questions in militaries throughout the world. How have these events changed how Washington thinks of its own national security strategy, including its doctrine and acquisition practices? How should it re-examine the capabilities that will be necessary in a near-peer fight? And most importantly, what can be learned of the events from the past eight months? This event explored how militaries will weigh the need for brute force vs. investments in emerging technologies in the wake of Russia invading Ukraine.

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Guest Speakers:

  • T.X. Hammes, Distinguished Research Fellow, CSR, INSS
  • Dan Goure, Senior Vice President, The Lexington Group
  • Mike Scaparrotti, Senior Counselor, The Cohen Group
  • Cynthia Cook, Director, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group and Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS