SINGAPORE – Honeywell unveiled the new K9 C2SA system at the Singapore Airshow this week. The system has caught the interest of numerous countries, including Israel, for a wide variety of missions, including special operations, surveillance, search-and-rescue, and target identification.

K9 C2SA stands for "Dog, Command and Control, and Situational Awareness." Honeywell officials said the system includes real time high-resolution video that includes a video stream, day and infrared (IR) illuminated night video, and a recording option. It also has an integrated global positioning system and mapping system. The dog can be located with a remotely controlled IR beacon, IR illuminator, and amber chest light.

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The dog can be trained to respond to sensors to guide the animal in different directions using remotely controlled silent directional buzzers located on the front, left, right, and back of the dog. Automatic IR beacons on the dog can control behavior during lost link situations. Secure communications use an industry standard WPA2 system.

The K9 C2SA system can be configured and expanded depending on customers needs. The current configuration weighs 3.7 lbs. Honeywell officials emphasized that the system is not just for military applications, but could be used to locate victims during earthquakes.

The system has a normal range of 250 meters (820 ft) in wooded and open areas, 45 meters (150 ft) in complex urban environments, and 300 meters (980 feet) in tunnels. It can operate for four hours on one battery with lights, radio, and streaming video operating.

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