DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Al Tadreea Manufacturing’s top executive confirmed that the company is in talks with Oshkosh Defense to manufacture armored vehicles in Saudi Arabia.

“We are discussing partnerships with many international companies, particularly negotiating with Oshkosh Defense to produce armored vehicles” in Saudi Arabia, Al Tadreea Manufacturing CEO Fawzi Bin Ayoub Sabri confirmed during an interview at the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference.

George Mansfield, Oshkosh vice president and general manager of international programs would not confirm the negotiations, saying instead that the company is consistently “looking to partner with some local companies to produce Oshkosh armored vehicles” in the Middle East.

Should the deal go through, Oshkosh Defense will find competition in the Saudi Arabia, with active national companies like the Saudi Military Industries Corp. producing armored vehicles that meet the international standards, like the Al Shibl 2 and Tawiq.

In an earier interview, MIC Assistant General Manager Saeed Albalwi stressed the advanced standards of Saudi armored vehicles, pointing to the Al Shibl armored vehicle as “ahead many international armored vehicles during trials and [proving] its capabilities in actual combat during the Yemeni conflict.”

Oskkosh’s Mansfield countered, pointing to extensive trials in the region.

“The U.S. government has tested this for more than 10 years. We do trials in the Middle East in summer months, to make sure our systems meet all the requirements for mobility, air conditioning and payload for [the region],” he said. “All our vehicles are meant to operate in gulf weather and geographic conditions.”

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