Resilient, versatile, and reliable: For over half a century now, the self-powered illumination technology trigalight provides pinpoint accuracy in challenging visibility conditions. The invention of the technology led to the foundation of Swiss microtechnology specialist mb-microtec ag in 1969. Today, the family-owned company is the world’s leading manufacturer of gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) for the security industry and tactical field. SHOT Show 2022 in Las Vegas is the next opportunity for you to discover trigalight firsthand (at booth #41041).

Tactical missions require meticulous planning in order to account for every possible scenario. Utmost concentration, precision and reliability become essential for the safety of service members, troops, and armed forces. With trigalight, mb-microtec offers a self-powered illumination technology fulfilling these exacting standards. The fine glass capillaries guarantee long-lasting luminescence without any external energy source, while being completely maintenance-free, temperature-resistant, and versatile.

Professionals’ first choice

A trigalight consists of a hermetically sealed glass capillary, the inside of which is coated with the luminescent powder zinc sulphide and filled with tritium gas. Tritium is a soft beta emitter and decays with a half-life of 12.32 years, sending out electrons which activate the luminescent powder and create constant luminescence. Since the electrons cannot pass through the hermetically sealed glass capillaries and tritium only has very weak activity, trigalight does not emit any harmful radiation. In addition to the safety of the Swiss made illumination solution, mb-microtec guarantees a luminescence of at least ten years. trigalight is the first choice for everybody who always wants to keep sight of their target.

As diverse as the many challenges of its users

Size, color, shape and brightness: Crucial product characteristics of the gaseous tritium light sources can be adjusted to the specific area of application. Therefore, the technology is utilized in various tactical instruments: This can be in form of ultra-small trigalight embedded in a protective aluminum or polymer sleeve and sapphire crystal used for iron sights, or the somewhat larger self-powered illumination capillaries, which lead the way in compasses, arc markers, tactical torches, and rifle scopes.

trigalight in its purest form is the company’s bestselling product, serving for target detection in open sights for dark environments or as a light dot in reflex sights. The capillaries are also available in more resilient insert designs, all of which allow for direct assembly and fulfill NUREG standards. Aside from a broad range of standardized products, research and manufacturing from a single source allow mb-microtec ag to develop entirely individual and customer-specific solutions.

Swiss made quality and precision

From development all the way to production, the entire manufacturing process takes place at mb-microtec headquarters in Niederwangen, Switzerland. The company is specialized in the highly automated manufacturing of customer-specific tritium-containing micro components and develops both the processes as well as parts of the production systems. Many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in the fields of microtechnology, chemistry and physics enable the further development of the company’s key technologies as well as the development of customer-specific solutions in close, trustful cooperation with partners worldwide.

“Passion and curiosity are the driving forces of trigalight: Curiosity to discover further applications and new markets. To bring light into our customers’ products – whilst working closely and creatively with them”, describes Beat Scheidegger, Head of trigalight, the philosophy of trigalight.

Trigalight offers highest precision and absolute reliability to professionals on tactical missions. In defiance of absolute darkness or poor visibility: With trigalight you are always on target.