With over 7,000 employees across the country — engineers, technicians, test pilots, customer support specialists, and more — and over 20 industrial / commercial sites and several service centers to date, Leonardo has established itself over several decades as a major contributor to US aerospace, defense and security, keeping Americans safe coast-to-coast. All main fields in these areas of advanced technology are represented with locally developed and manufactured products and solutions delivered to US and export civil, public service and defense users or integrated with prime partners – fix/rotary winged aircraft, electronics and sensors.

Locally built helicopters are flown by EMS, search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighters, energy companies, all levels of government, and private citizens across America. Programs like the TH-73A training helicopter to the US Navy and the MH-139A with Boeing to the US Air Force mean Leonardo will contribute to train the future generation of naval rotorcraft pilots and protect strategic defense and ensure homeland security over decades. While the development of the world’s first commercial tiltrotor - AW609 – is introducing a major revolution in the air.

The Northeast Philadelphia-based facility since 1980 is home to an AW119, AW139 and AW609 Part 21 production facility, Part 145 maintenance center delivering top-rated customer support across North and South America, and modern training academy featuring all new full flight simulators, maintenance trainers, classrooms, and lounges.

Leonardo DRS is a prime contractor and provider of pioneering technologies and services for US and allied militaries, intelligence agencies and defense contractors. Leonardo DRS means heavy investment in US defense capabilities by providing cutting-edge products and services to every branch of the US military and to a wide range of government agencies to support their mission success. From ground to sea to air, Leonardo DRS is answering technical and logistical requirements across any sector including aviation, communications, defense systems, surveillance and reconnaissance, intelligence, security and power generation, propulsion and distribution. This commitment to customers' success has resulted in consistent domestic growth and new opportunities for American workers.

Next-gen technologies designed to provide strategic advantage for the DoD and its prime contractors have been developed through the electronics competences of the Company. US-based R&D and service enables nimble product development, program support and vertically integrated production of laser components, electronics, and integrated systems. Full US design capabilities, from customization, to manufacturing, through service and support, are provided at our facilities in Tucson, AZ, Huntsville, AL, Norcross, GA and Arlington, VA.

Additionally, Selex ES Inc has operated in the U.S. for more than 100 years, building successful domestic and international businesses in the fields of Air Traffic Management (ATM), Critical Communications (LMR) and Law Enforcement (LPR). The subsidiary originates, designs, and develops advanced technology products, systems and solutions that stand out for their excellent performance and reliability.

Moreover, Leonardo is increasingly expanding its involvement into Space technologies in the country. Over the years Leonardo has contributed to the most important NASA exploration missions. Through its expertise in electro-optical instruments, robotic arms and drills, and equipment such as solar arrays and attitude sensors, Leonardo is on-board of many key missions such as JUNO, Osiris Rex, Dawn, New Horizon and is getting ready to reach the Moon and Mars.

Logistic support and engineering services for the C-27J JCA fleets of the US Coast Guard and US Special Operations Command and support the US government and industry in several military and commercial programs including the F-35, 787 Dreamliner and KC-46 tanker are supplied to support national and international operators.