ABU DHABI –The joint Indian and Russian missile BrahMos, a versatile supersonic missile, is on display at IDEX and a representative says its targeting both naval and coastal defense requirements in the Middle East and Africa.

The missile billed as “the world’s fastest cruise missile” is in wide use in the Indian military as a strike and anti-ship weapon, and the Russian military is working with a prototype of the missile, the representative said.

The missile is also on offer in North American markets, but the representative did not elaborate on which countries the company was targeting.

BrahMos was first launched in 2001 and can be installed on ships, submarines and on aircraft. In November 2017, a BrahMos flight test on an Indian SU-30 MKI employed the missile against a ship target.

The current range of the missile is 300 kilometers, the representative said. Defense News reported in 2016 that the governments of Russia and India was doubling the range of the missile to 600 km.

Last year, the Indian Navy signed a contract with Russia for two upgraded Krivak III frigates that will have the BrahMos installed.

David B. Larter was the naval warfare reporter for Defense News.

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