JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesia has bought 12 surveillance and reconnaissance drones worth $300 million from Turkish Aerospace Industries to be used by its military to strengthen the nation’s defenses, the Defense Ministry said Aug. 2.

The purchase aims to increase the variety, quantity and quality of Indonesia’s military equipment with the contract signed Feb. 3 with TAI,. The 12 units of Anka drones are expected to be delivered before November 2025.

Indonesia will also get training, logistics support and related equipment as well as a warranty period of two years or 600 flying hours.

The 12 Anka drones will be used by Indonesia’s Air Force, Army and Navy. The 8.6-meter (28-foot) drone can fly for about 30 hours at an altitude of 9,100 meters (29,856 feet). The Turkish Air Force has used them since 2010.

In January, Indonesia sealed another deal worth $805 million to buy a dozen advanced Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets that were used by Qatar’s Emiri Air Force. The purchase, manufactured by French company Dassault Aviation, was criticized for the age of the equipment.

But the Defense Ministry said Indonesia needs fighter aircraft that can be quickly delivered to cover its Air Force’s decline in the combat readiness, as many of the country’s existing aircraft have aged out. Some of them are receiving upgrades, or undergoing overhauls or repairs during the long wait for delivery of newly ordered aircraft.

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto also agreed to purchase 42 units of Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft in February 2022. Indonesia is expected to receive the first three of six twin-engine Rafale fighters in January 2026.

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