“I think that’s a plane.”

For the next few Defense Nerds Podcast episodes, Military Times Deputy Editor Leo Shane and Defense News Capitol Hill Bureau Chief Joe Gould take a break from the normal news format for a bit of summer nonsense: fantasy drafts on military topics.

Up this week is American military aircraft. The hosts are joined by Defense News air warfare reporter Valerie Insinna, someone who actually knows something about these planes and has no problem pandering to her readers for votes. Joe violates the game’s ground rules for the second week in a row while Leo tries to correctly name four aircraft without embarrassing himself.

Listen here:

And help decide a winner by voting in the Twitter poll below:

Val’s Team: A-10, B-52, C-130, F-35

Leo’s team: F-22, B-2, KC-135, C-17

Joe’s team: F-16, MQ-9, A400M, SR-71