“You both already blew this draft.”

For the next few Defense Nerds Podcast episodes, Military Times Deputy Editor Leo Shane and Defense News Capitol Hill Bureau Chief Joe Gould take a break from the normal news format for a bit of summer nonsense: fantasy drafts on military topics.

First up this week is American military movie characters. The hosts are joined by producer Ben (Bob?) Murray to pick the four characters they’d want to build their armed forces around. Ben went for big shows of power, Leo went for leadership skills, and Joe went for … his own plan.

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Leo’s team: Captain America (from Avengers), John Miller (from Saving Private Ryan), Dutch (from Predator), Sgt. Hartman (from Full Metal Jacket).

Joe’s team: Aldo Raine (from Inglorious Basterds), Wardaddy (from Fury), Glen McMahon (War Machine), Gerry Lane (World War Z)

Ben’s Team: John Matrix (from Commando), Thomas Witmore (from Independence Day), WOPR (from War Games), George Patton (from Patton)