WASHINGTON — Oshkosh Defense is allowed to continue building Joint Light Tactical Vehicles now that the US Court of Federal Claims has denied Lockheed Martin's request to stop the work while a lawsuit is pending over the Army's decision to award Oshkosh a contract to build its Humvee replacement, according to an Oshkosh statement.

The JLTV program was stopped while the Government Accountability Office reviewed a Lockheed Martin protest of the Army's award to Oshkosh that was filed in September. GAO dismissed the protest as Lockheed decided to take its complaint to federal court in December. Lockheed reasoned the Army had supplied new information on the decision late in the protest period that GAO had not considered.

Wilson Jones, Oshkosh Corporation's CEO, is taking the court's decision to let the company continue work as an "indication that the U.S. Army conducted a thorough, methodical procurement process," adding he is "confident" the original JLTV award will be upheld.

The Army awarded Oshkosh a contract to build its Humvee replacement in August. Oshkosh beat out both Lockheed and Humvee-maker AM General for business that could be worth up to $30 billion.

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