GABORONE, Botswana — US-based aircraft systems manufacturer Honeywell Aerospace and South African company Denel Aviation have signed an collaborative agreement to pursue paving the way for the joint exploration of retrofit, modification and upgrade opportunities on fixed-wing military aircraft in he sub-Saharan Africa. region.

In a statement, Denel Aviation said the agreement, signed last month, seeks to provide military aircraft operators in sub-Saharan Africa with "integrated solutions for a wide range of Honeywell avionics, satellite communications systems and mechanical products that will enhance safety, reliability and efficiency," while reducing costs and increasing operational capabilities of the aircraft.

Honeywell said the collaboration with Denel allows provides both companies with an opportunity to deliver improved communication services and rapid maintenance and repair services. , which will help customers extend the lifespans of their assets. The partnership said its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service will handle nearly 1,500 military and commercial aircraft from sub-Saharan Africa within the first few years of its launch.

Honeywell Aerospace becomes Denel Aviation's fourth international MRO partner. Most recently, in 2013, it signed an agreement with after Russian Helicopters , which in 2013 signed an agreement to provide upgrade, repair and maintenance services to all Russian military and civilian helicopters in Africa. Denel, The company, which produces the Rooivalk helicopter used by the South African Air Force, also operates a service center for the C-130 Hercules heavy-lift aircraft on behalf of Lockheed Martin.

Denel Aviation also provides MRO services for Airbus Helicopters' Puma, Super Puma and Squirrel aircraft operating in Africa. The MRO facility also provides depot-level maintenance of electrical, oxygen, avionics, and hydro-mechanical components in addition to calibration of test and ground-support equipment for Airbus Helicopters.


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