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The Putin-Trump relationship: Nothing more than smoke and mirrors [Editorial]
In an Aug. 3 tweet, President Donald Trump had this to say: “Our relations with Russia are at a historic low, and very dangerous.” But is it? Or is it actually no different than it’s ever been, except that the current administration implied for a brief period of time we might see the relationship repaired?
Why, President Trump, you need the media [Commentary]
When there’s a clear effort to not cooperate with the media, it’s difficult to do our jobs. And I suppose that’s the point. But what I’d offer to the president is that closing the door on the press makes it awfully difficult to do your job as well.
Editorial: Fund US Deterrent Programs
The US decision to move 250 tanks, armored personnel carriers and howitzers to the Baltics, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and Romania is a welcome signal for NATO allies worried about Russia.
Editorial: Coordinate Parallel Efforts
As is often the case in the run-up to a major air show, European nations have launched a high-profile industry initiative, in this case their latest effort to develop an alternative to US and Israeli remotely operated aircraft.
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