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The Putin-Trump relationship: Nothing more than smoke and mirrors [Editorial]
In an Aug. 3 tweet, President Donald Trump had this to say: “Our relations with Russia are at a historic low, and very dangerous.” But is it? Or is it actually no different than it’s ever been, except that the current administration implied for a brief period of time we might see the relationship repaired?
Why, President Trump, you need the media [Commentary]
When there’s a clear effort to not cooperate with the media, it’s difficult to do our jobs. And I suppose that’s the point. But what I’d offer to the president is that closing the door on the press makes it awfully difficult to do your job as well.
Syria: Picking Up the Pieces
Two airstrikes seem to have shattered the prospects for a cessation of hostilities and joint American-Russian targeting of armed extremists.
Editorial: The Last Bastion of Excess
The mindset in the Defense Department of saving money and making do with the proverbial “80-percent” solution has yet to permeate the ranks of military musicians, but it’s high time that it does.
Great Expectations
It will fall on Pentagon leadership, including the new DIUx offices, to be the gatekeeper for legitimate scientific investments, lest precious defense resources are spent on the wrong things.
Global Programs, Global Problems
Life happens as you make other plans, the saying goes. And as Western militaries focus more and more on joint programs and interoperability, it’s an important lesson to keep in mind.
EU Exit Arguments Are Unconvincing
Thousands of military leaders and business executives will gather in Paris next week for Eurosatory, one of the world’s most important defense trade shows.
BRAC, OCO and Truth In Budgeting
The dirty little nonsecret of US defense budgeting is the shell game known as the overseas contingency operations (OCO) fund.
Replacing, Not Just Retiring, the A-10
One size fits all generally results in something that is ill fitting, at best. So it is with many attempts — built around the commendable push for cost savings — to field multirole weapons platforms.
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