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A tale of two future fighters
There’s a tale of two fighters underway in Europe. And countries — and their companies — are choosing sides.
Wait, where are all the women?
Not including our own editorial team, we have only three women participating in the Defense News Conference. Candidly, that’s pretty unacceptable.
China is watching
Obviously, global perception shouldn’t define U.S. policy. But if we talk about how today’s rhetoric might be interpreted by allies, which we do, we certainly should consider how it might be interpreted by adversaries.
Can we really get Europe to cut the Russia cord? It’s complicated.
The theory is that the European Recapitalization Incentive Program, or ERIP, will help six nations (start to) get off Russian equipment, while increasing the sale of U.S. weapon systems abroad in the process. A win-win, for the United States. But perhaps more nuanced for its European allies.
Is this a JEDI mind trick?
I don’t question industry’s ability to develop a secure, capable cloud infrastructure for the Pentagon. I do question how on earth the Pentagon screwed up the competition so badly.
Let these Pentagon leaders do their job
If government is going to restrict these individuals from tapping their expertise or create proverbial muzzles that prevent or dissuade them from performing, then why are they there in the first place?
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