ANKARA, Turkey — Two landing craft mechanized ships built in Turkey for Qatar’s Navy was put to sea Feb. 8 at a Turkish port. The LCM vessels were constructed by a partnership of Turkish companies Anadolu and Barzan Holding.

Anadolu shipyard officials did not comment on the contract value.

The ships were launched at the Tuzla shipyard in Marmara Sea, south of Istanbul. Anadolu officials noted the LCMs would be delivered to the Qatari Navy at an August ceremony and reach Qatar in September.

“That means the two ships will have been successfully launched in seven months and delivered to the end user in less than 12 months,” said Anadolu’s board chairman, Sualp Urkmez.

Urkmez described the two LCMs as the world’s fastest of their type with the biggest cargo capacity. The Turkish-made LCMs can carry up to 130 tons of cargo each.

“They are designed to have perfect maneuverability, especially in shallow waters,” he said.

Under an earlier contract, Anadolu build and delivered to the Qatari Navy a 2,250-ton training ship, the Al Doha. A twin ship, the Al Shamal, will be delivered soon.

Urkmez said Anadolu wants to build three more LCMs for the Qatari Navy, starting in 2023. He said the company could also negotiate with Qatar the potential sale of its unmanned landing ships.

Burak Ege Bekdil was the Turkey correspondent for Defense News.

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