Predictive maintenance has steadily been adopted across maintenance operations teams because it helps leaders figure out “what’s about to happen.” While those predictive maintenance systems provide increased visibility, they don’t always help organizations achieve their mission readiness goals. Maintenance operations teams need a tool that helps them figure out “how do we respond” in addition to the predictive maintenance question of “what’s about to happen?”

Virtualitics’ Integrated Resource Optimization (IRO) provides a clear answer to that question.

Seeing the bigger resource picture

Integrated Resource Optimization (IRO) is a data-driven approach that provides a big-picture view of maintenance operations and the relationships between assets, manpower, and resources. It combines multiple data sources into knowledge that strategically guides maintenance activities, such as inventory optimization, resource assessment, and scheduling.

With such vast amounts of data in military systems, operations teams are challenged to locate the insights that will maximize the lifespan of equipment and then act in time to make a difference. But AI-guided analytics has the power to efficiently go through all that information and identify patterns that not only predict failures but also identify the schedule of actions that maintenance relies on so that teams can proactively allocate resources, plan maintenance activities, and reduce risk.

IRO driven by explainable AI delivers the big picture that maintainer groups need to make strategic decisions and work to achieve an unprecedented mission readiness rate.

Guided analysis—and next steps

IRO is powered by dozens of AI algorithms that monitor projected component risk, resource availability, limiting factors, and schedules and combine all that information to provide intuitive and strategic recommendations. IRO gives your operations team a comprehensive view of what is, or will be, impacting mission readiness and recommends actions to mitigate that risk.

Because of this, it’s important to give maintenance teams transparent insight into predictions and the factors that led to them. Explainable AI technology ensures that users can double-check when something seems off—even if they’re not data scientists or analysts. This is because the AI not only guides maintainers to the right data points to focus on but also provides recommendations that are backed by clear, user-friendly explanations for the reasons behind them.

The AI leveraged in IRO eases the burden on maintenance schedulers and stakeholders as they strive to hit mission readiness targets. IRO simultaneously builds confidence that assigned maintenance jobs are prioritized and feasible and delivers increased uptime, lower costs, and improved overall productivity of their entire operation.