This webcast took place on September 20, 2021

The US Air Force is expanding its hunt for next generation munitions technology as it looks to maintain uncontested supremacy over the skies. This hunt could include hypersonics as well as greater investment in missiles and precision bombs. However, as China and other near-peer adversaries scale up their own next-gen programs, it’s worth asking how the Air Force can deliver on its ambitions despite increasing budget pressure, growing costs of sustainment, and long-deferred modernization. In this webcast, Defense News explored the outlook on next-generation munitions for the Air Force: how such technologies can enhance airman capabilities, find application across varying combat theaters, and enable USAF to overcome persisting barriers to readiness.


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Guest Speakers:

  • Brig. Gen. Heath A. Collins, Program Executive Officer, Weapons and Director of the Armament Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Materiel Command, U.S. Air Force
  • Jon A. Norman, Vice President, Air Power, Requirements & Capabilities, Raytheon Missiles & Defense