Raytheon Missile Systems VP of Business Development, Steve duMont, talks RTN’s strong UAE partnership and what to expect at the Dubai Air Show.

Raytheon will once again have a significant presence at the Dubai Air Show. What is the company highlighting?

The Middle East is one of the most important areas of the world to Raytheon, and the Dubai Air Show gives us the opportunity to meet with our customers from around the Gulf region. We will have hundreds of in-person meetings and engagements with customers during the show. Raytheon will highlight several mission areas that are of interest, as well as our latest innovations in Air and Missile Defense, Air Dominance, Counter-UAS, cybersecurity and space systems. Our experts will be on hand to discuss products and layered systems in these mission areas, and to learn how we can solve problems for our customers.

Countering threats from unmanned air drones is a hot topic right now. How can Raytheon products help secure important and high-value assets like oil fields?

Threats from drones are diverse and growing in the region, and in several areas around the world. Countering those diverse threats requires solutions that are customized and innovative. Raytheon’s counter-UAS portfolio spans from sensors to command and control systems to non-kinetic and kinetic effects, for vanquishing all types of unmanned aerial systems. We will be working with customers to determine what is right for their needs, infrastructure, budget and other requirements.

Tell us about the importance of the UAE for the company.

Raytheon has been working with the Emirates for over three decades now, and we have just completed the second year of operating a landed company, Raytheon Emirates, based in Abu Dhabi. We have hired several Emiratis, who bring very valuable perspective to what we do, and as we strive to be a meaningful part of the community. We are working to grow this business in the UAE, but our relationship isn’t just about selling products to the Emirates: it is about understanding how we can work together to achieve the UAE’s goals for security and economic prosperity.

What role does partnership play in this region?

Partnership is a key focus of everything we do in the UAE – we want to find ways to create production and other opportunities in-country; that means jobs and strong economy. A great example is TALON – the laser-guided rocket was co-developed with the UAE, and we continue to look for ways to strengthen that effort and find others like it.

How do you see business prospects in the region for the near future?

I’m very optimistic. It is an exciting time for the UAE and Gulf allies, and we are proud teammates in helping provide capabilities for security, and to expand the economy. Our commitment to the UAE and its people is unwavering.

Steve duMont is Vice President of Business Development & Strategy for Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona. He leads and coordinates business pursuit, capture and growth activities, working across Raytheon to develop and implement campaigns and strategies worldwide.