The Threat Scenario:

Today’s warfighters are preparing for missions in highly contested battlespaces. The enemy is trying to achieve parity or dominance across the full range of US military capabilities, and the adversary is advancing. For some missions, warfighters must go into the battlespace knowing that they will be seen. It’s just a matter of time, and which threat systems will attempt to stop them. Adversaries will detect and target our warfighters, and they must get in, execute their missions, and get out safely.

Adversaries’ weapons for stopping aircraft, vehicles, and ships today range from guided missiles to undersea mines. Most of these threats detect and/or emit electromagnetic energy in one form or another. Radars and other guidance systems rely on radio-frequency (RF) signals, heat-seeking missiles and imaging sensors detect electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) energy, and propulsion systems produce IR heat signatures of their own. All of these threats can be detected and countered with the right approach to platform survivability. RF signals – including those used for targeting and communications – can be jammed; electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) guidance systems can be blinded; and decoys can trick threat systems into attacking false targets.

The key to battlefield survivability is a layered approach that uses the full electromagnetic spectrum – RF and EO/IR – for improved geolocation, better threat identification and threat knowledge, and tailored countermeasure response regardless of the threat. The different capabilities can be integrated and customized for specific platforms and missions, providing a shield that counters adversaries’ kill chains, enables freedom of maneuver in contested battlespaces, and improves warfighters’ survivability and lethality.

Intrepid Shield:

BAE Systems understands tough mission scenarios where warfighters will be detected in dangerous battlespaces. The company is a leader in platform survivability technology, which is directly aligned with its mission: We Protect Those Who Protect Us®.

The company’s Intrepid Shield™ approach delivers bold, layered platform survivability that creates a protective sphere around platforms in highly contested battlespaces by combining full-spectrum electromagnetic energy capabilities to detect, exploit, and defeat advanced threats. Solutions are comprised of sensors, countermeasure systems, and autonomy features that reduce the cognitive load on crews.

The Intrepid Shield approach builds on a proven portfolio of threat warning, threat suppression, countermeasure and situational awareness systems that detect and counter visible and invisible threats, day and night and in all weather conditions across air, land, and maritime domains. BAE Systems’ technologies quickly and automatically protect platforms and warfighters from modern threats, creating a 360-degree protective envelope.

The diverse portfolio includes full-spectrum threat warning solutions, RF and infrared countermeasure systems, self-protection pods, decoys and air-launched effects, as well as high-powered jamming and reconnaissance capabilities. The capabilities can be scaled and integrated in optimum combinations for different platforms to close the mission. By combining traditionally separate RF and EO/IR capabilities, BAE Systems is creating new operational effects to support platform protection, situational awareness, and kill chain support.

The company’s Intrepid Shield approach spans the electromagnetic spectrum to detect, intercept, and counter threats in air, on land, and at sea for superior situational awareness and platform survivability.

“Whether it’s a Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) coupled with a Smart D2™ to detect the threat and dispense the most effective countermeasure response, or a 360 MVP Sensor™ and TERRA RAVEN™ integration to detect and defeat incoming missiles, or the Stand Off Jammer on the EC-37B to deny, degrade and disrupt the enemy and protect warfighters deeper in the fight – what our experts are focused on is protecting platforms and making sure that the warfighters can execute their missions and come home safely,” said Dave Harrold, vice president and general manager of Countermeasure and Electromagnetic Attack at BAE Systems.

By combining capabilities, BAE Systems provides a 360-degree protective bubble around platforms that protects them regardless of the threats. The Intrepid Shield systems are built on key concepts including open-systems architecture, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and support broader electromagnetic spectrum operations, helping armed forces understand, exploit and use the spectrum. The Intrepid Shield systems are based on open architecture that can support third-party EW techniques and rapid capability insertion, accelerating the delivery of capabilities to warfighters.

The company has the ability to quickly and effectively to design, develop and manufacture advanced systems to meet customers’ needs. The company has a knowledgeable workforce with the ability to integrate active and passive RF and EO/IR systems to deliver capabilities for a variety of platforms and for specific mission sets. The company also provides expert end-to-end threat analysis, modeling, simulation, and digital engineering, as well as product life cycle support and mission systems integration services.

BAE Systems is leading the future of integrated electromagnetic spectrum superiority, bringing together EO/IR and RF capabilities to deliver next-generation threat detection, countermeasure, and attack solutions across air, land, and maritime domains – enabling commander reach with an Intrepid Shield approach that allows warfighters to execute their missions and return home safely. Visit to learn more about our full-spectrum approach.