MILAN — German arms manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has partnered with local Greek supplier EODH and Spanish electronics firm Duma to propose an upgrade package for the modernization of the Hellenic Army’s Leopard 1A5 fleet.

“The Armored Directorate of the Hellenic Army is in the phase of studying the future of the tanks’ potential and has asked various companies to submit proposals for the 500 Leopard 1A5s that it has in active operation,” John Mitsis, who oversees business development at EODH, told Defense News in an email.

“For this reason, EODH in collaboration with the original equipment manufacturer KMW/KNDS, and Duma, designed a package that ensures that the tank will remain combat-worthy for at least another two decades,” he added.

The offer was presented to the Greek General Staff earlier this month and will include a number of improvements primarily related to the mobility, lethality and protection of the tanks, as prescribed in a life-extension plan provided to Defense News.

Among the proposed changes would be the introduction of a stronger engine and reinforced suspension to make the vehicle more agile. Firepower upgrades contain a new fire control system based on new sights for the gunner, and a modernized turret and gun control system.

“A fully digital open architecture allows for the tanks’ easy adaption of various weapon systems such as anti-drone remotely operated weapon station, possible integration of barrel-launched and/or side-pod anti-tank guided missiles and the integration of barrel launched or side-pod loitering munitions,” the upgrade document states.

Once officially initiated, the upgrade package will represent the most significant modernization of Greece’s Leopard 1s in over 30 years. There is currently no available deadline for when the Hellenic Ministry of Defense will reach a decision to proceed.

It was previously reported by Greek media that Italian defense company Leonardo was also in the running to propose upgrades, including the Hitfact-MkII turret system mounted on the Centauro 2 tank-destroyer in service with the Italian Army.

Elisabeth Gosselin-Malo is a Europe correspondent for Defense News. She covers a wide range of topics related to military procurement and international security, and specializes in reporting on the aviation sector. She is based in Milan, Italy.

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