'Iron Man' Suit Opens Doors to New Tech

A Pentagon plan to build a real-life "Iron Man" suit has taken some lumps from fiscal hawks on Capitol Hill, but US Special Operations Command's acquisitions chief defended it Wednesday as a way to protect troops using cutting-edge technologies.

Spec Ops Leaders Want Off-the-Shelf Gear Fast

While American officials will almost always begin their public remarks boasting that US forces are the best led, best equipped, most highly trained fighting force the world has ever known, a hint of doubt—or at least healthy concern—has crept into their comments in recent years.
Special Ops Must Work With Services, Allies
The head of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) called the volume of fighters flowing into Iraq and Syria from approximately 90 nations to fight with the IS group "staggering."
Interview: Scott Wine
Scott Wine, CEO and chairman of Polaris Industries, known as a commercial power sports vehicle manufacturer, has expanded and diversified the business since he arrived in 2008
AFSOC in Pacific Welcomes MC-130J
The first of US Air Force Special Operations Command's MC-130J Commando II arrived in the Pacific, as the command retires the venerable MC-130P Combat Shadow.
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Israeli C4I Network Extends Special Ops Reach
As Israel grapples with an arc of threats that emanate up and around the Arabian Sea, an Internet Protocol (IP)-supported communications network is augmenting its ability to command and control complex operations at its immediate borders and far beyond.