HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The US Army is offering an up-close view here of its Containerized Weapon System and Firefly 360 threat detection system as part of the AUSA Global Force Symposium and Exhibition. In a nutshell, the equipment works together to detect direction of enemy fire and then return fire. What you need to know:

* The CWS can be operated from up to 1,000 meters away, allowing soldiers to seek a safer place to fire back at the enemy.

* An electric mast can be equipped with the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station, or CROWS, technology. Optional weaponry includes the M2, MK19, M240, M249, M134 and a Javelin missile(which can provide 360 degrees of protection).

* The system is designed to the dimensions of a standardized shipping container, which helps with storage and movement.

* Two soldiers can set up the system in less than 30 minutes.

* CWS is already in use in Afghanistan and the Army says its operating in other locations as well.

* A Situational Awareness computer helps provide ISR. Digital terrain maps are also used for target location.

* The Firefly 360 uses six microphones and other detection technology to locate enemy fire. It can also specify whether it's small arms, heavy machine gun or rocket/mortar fire. It can also calculate the necessary targeting information so CWS can quickly strike back.

Firefly 360

Photo Credit: Army

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