GREENVILLE, S.C. — Lockheed Martin is moving production of F-16 fighter jets from Texas to South Carolina.

Local media outlets reported the company is moving production of F-16s to Greenville to make room for expanded production of the newer F-35 jet fighters in Fort Worth, Texas.

A company spokeswoman says the move will create about 250 jobs in Greenville.

Defense One reportedthat the United States has not purchased F-16s since 1999, but Lockheed Martin has orders from several countries. F-16 fighter jets first entered service in 1979.

Lockheed Martin Greenville spokeswoman Leslie Farmer said the last F-16 in Texas should be complete in September. She added that it will take about two years to begin production in Greenville.

The company currently employs about 500 people in Greenville providing maintenance, repairs and overhauls.

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