A New Era of Networked Warfare

The global security threats of today demand a connection between U.S. Armed Forces and allies unlike ever before. Soldiers face fast-moving adversaries in hard to reach locations. To fight and win in this environment will require a momentous, operational shift. The U.S. Army has responded with Combined, Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2), their priority for the new era of warfare, enabling faster decision-making by connecting previously isolated systems together.

Lockheed Martin supports Army modernization priorities on many fronts and is developing new ways to allow soldiers to make smarter, more rapid decisions in the field.

Data Helps the Army Make the Right Connection

As the CJADC2 concept continues to mature, Lockheed Martin has led technology development with an emphasis on creating new capabilities through modifications to existing products.

“On a [Joint All Domain Operations] battlefield, we have to pass data back and forth instantly for seamless decision making – and we’ve built and demonstrated systems that can do this,” says Pat Donahue, former U.S. Army Lieutenant General and current Vice President for Army and Special Operations Forces Programs at Lockheed Martin. “For the JADO fight to be successful, data has to be standardized – which is something we’ve done.”

Integrated Weapons Needed for Dominance Across All Domains

One of the modernization tools that will support the transformation to a multi-domain operational force, is Future Vertical Lift, which includes the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) and Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) programs.

“Multi-domain operations are all about presenting the enemy with multiple dilemmas, multiple capabilities in multiple domains with multiple services and multiple partners,” says retired Army Lt. Gen. Kevin Mangum, Vice President, Army Programs Business Development.

RAIDER X® and DEFIANT X™ were specifically designed to support JADO. These agile, highly maneuverable weapon systems offer high speed, low-level flight capabilities and bring the transformational strategic and operational reach the warfighter requires – especially in the Indo-Pacific.

Lockheed Martin Delivers Powerful Mission Advantage

Given tight defense budgets, companies must make smart investments to achieve CJADC2. Convergence, Donahue says, is at the center of the emerging CJADC2 playbook.

“This is about pulling effects from all domains, from space to land to sea, to confound and ultimately defeat adversarial forces,” Donahue observed. “A linear attack is simple to address but convergence on a target from multiple fronts makes it extraordinarily difficult for an adversary to defeat.”

Space-based connectivity, like the 10 satellites Lockheed Martin is building for Space Development Agency Transport Layer, will further connect terrestrial nodes like F-16 fighters, THAAD, PAC-3 missiles. This beyond-line-of-site tracking, targeting and communications will dramatically extend U.S. warfighting options and allow additional coalition and allied partners to eventually bring their capabilities into the network.

Lockheed Martin knows that kind of true interoperability is what JADO is all about.

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