Defense News podcasts offer premier news and analysis about Capitol Hill debates and legislation affecting military and industry decision-makers.

Money for nothing: PODCAST
Defense Nerds Podcast for July 29, 2019: Budget deal, defense confirmations, bad military TV.
Meet the new boss: PODCAST
Defense Nerds podcast for June 24, 2019: Patrick Shanahan's sudden departure, Mark Esper's move to become the next Defense Secretary.
Rock n Roll all night: PODCAST
Defense Nerds podcast for June 17, 2019: The all-night NDAA mark-up and Trump's plans to repaint Air Force One.
Stealing from war widows: PODCAST
Defense Nerds podcast for 5/27: Disaster aid bill, military housing problems, the military widows tax and Memorial Day reflections.
All hail the new king: PODCAST
Defense Nerds podcast for May 13, 2019: Patrick Shanahan's nomination, Iran, North Korea, military nicknames.
What’s in a name: PODCAST
Political Fallout Shelter podcast for April 29: Patrick Shanahan's nomination, AOC on VA policy, the Harry S. Truman decommissioning.
The watchers without a wall: PODCAST
Podcast topics for the week: Southern border military deployments, the NDAA schedule, Congress' military budget confusion and Game of Thrones defense acquisition talk.
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