Raytheon Missiles & Defense

GhostEye: Nothing Goes Unseen
Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a Raytheon Technologies business, unveils its new name for a family of advanced air and missile defense radars: a series of radars with enhanced sensor performance and reliability—improving defense capability against the proliferation and evolution of the advanced threats of today and tomorrow.
Visualizing the art of the possible
Off the coast of Hawaii, a Standard Missile-3 Block IIA interceptor launched from the guided missile destroyer USS John Finn, rocketed outside Earth’s atmosphere and destroyed an intercontinental ballistic missile target.It was the first test of its kind in the physical world. But in the digital world, it had already happened – many, many times.
Banding together to beat ballistic missiles
A proven team – and two of the world’s most advanced radars – combine to deliver superior surveillance, target discrimination and defensive capabilities against all classes of ballistic missile threats.
Webcast: SMD Debrief 2021
Facing a transformative threat landscape, U.S. security officials and industry leaders are racing to build a layered missile defense system that can identify, intercept, and eliminate any missile launched toward American soil. During this discussion, we heard about progress on these efforts and what challenges are standing in the way of success.
Virtual Event: SMD Debrief 2020
Space and Missile Defense Symposium (SMD) Debrief: An online discussion with military leadership after the Virtual Space & Missile Defense Symposium.
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