This event took place on August 12, 2022

The U.S. space and missile defense community’s challenge is simple: stay ahead of the threat from nations such as China, North Korea and Russia. Across the Department of Defense, leaders are adapting existing systems to better counter the current threat, moving forward on major programs of record that improve nearly every element of the kill chain, and investing in next-generation technologies, such as radars, hypersonics and counter technologies. The goal is to be prepared for both current and emerging threats, ranging from ballistic missile tests by North Korea to threats to satellites from China and Russia. In this webcast, Defense News examined the current state of missile defense, emerging threats in the near future and the long-term needs for effective space and missile defense.

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Guest Speakers:

  • Vice Adm. Jon A. Hill, Director, Missile Defense Agency, Department of Defense
  • Tay Fitzgerald, President, Strategic Missile Defense, Raytheon Missiles & Defense