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Defense industry frets as funding talks crawl
Despite repeated warnings from lawmakers and uniformed Pentagon leaders that a full-year continuing resolution will hurt national security, some in the defense industry are still worried that budgetary route is a possibility.
HASC’s top Republican takes aim at budget gridlock, Russia policy and vaccination mandate
“I mean, these [continuing resolutions] are killing us,” Rep. Mike Rogers told Defense News. “If they do another CR in February to the end of the year, it’s going to basically cost [the Pentagon] $40 billion. It’s going to negate everything we just did in this authorization, plus more. And it’s just literally un-American if we aren’t doing a better job to provide for our military than that.”
Inflation and budget gridlock take a toll on the Pentagon
The prospect of increased weapons costs and rising wages are already causing significant problems for Pentagon planners as they craft President Joe Biden’s upcoming budget proposal for fiscal 2023, defense experts say.
House passes defense bill 363-70; Senate up next
The House passed a new compromise defense policy bill and sent it to the Senate Tuesday, endorsing a $25 billion increase over President Joe Biden’s defense budget request for 2022
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