ANKARA, Turkey — Private sector armored vehicles manufacturer Otokar, maker of Turkey's first new-generation main battle tank, the Altay, has revealed the urban operation version of the same tank, designed for asymmetrical warfare.

The Altay-AHT was showcased at the IDEF'17 defense and aerospace show in Istanbul on May 9-12.

"In response to hybrid and asymmetrical threats and conditions where unconventional forces and methods are employed spreading more widely, we designed Altay-AHT [to] meet future needs of Turkish Armed Forces, and [this new tank] will have high export potential," said Serdar Gorguc, Otokar's general manager.

The tank is equipped with a directional dozer blade that can be operated by the driver.

Photo Credit: Otokar

Otokar designed prototypes for the Altay, which previously passed field and acceptance tests. The Turkish government will decide this year whether it will sign a serial production contract with Otokar for the Altay or launch competition for the contract.

Otokar developed the Altay-AHT on the Altay's hull and turret platform in five months. The new version features a different armor system, mission equipment and a suspension with torsion bars. 

The Altay-AHT also features explosive reactive armor and bar armor systems for better survivability against guided and unguided ballistic missile attacks. It has improved situational awareness with the addition of a telescopic elevated observation system. 

The tank is fitted with a jammer to protect against remote control improvised explosive devices. Its gunshot detection system can identify the direction of sniper threats; its laser warning system can identify threats by laser-guided, anti-tank missiles; and its laser range finders can measure distance. The vehicle also can release a layer of smoke toward the direction of an identified threat using the Soft Kill (Smart Smoke Curtain) System.

The tank is also equipped with a directional dozer blade that can be operated by the driver and used for tasks such as preparing defense lines, clearing battlefield obstacles and filling tank trenches.