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Register to attend the 2022 Defense News Conference, where military, government and industry leaders will gather to discuss the future of defense.
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A look at the comm needs of the National Guard, its existing infrastructure and what the Guard needs to communicate effectively in any deployment scenario
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This whitepaper explores how digital technology is shaping training, collaboration between forces across the U.S. military, and more.
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UK to test Sierra Nevada’s high-flying spy balloons
Sierra Nevada Corporation, an aerospace and defense company, will provide the United Kingdom with high-altitude uncrewed balloons to be used for surveillance and reconnaissance.
China, South Korea clash over THAAD anti-missile system
The differences between South Korea and China underscored a reemerging rift between the countries just a day after their top diplomats met in eastern China and expressed hope that the issue wouldn’t become a “stumbling stone” in relations.
Spanish Army buys Milrem ground robot for testing
The evaluation comes as some European armies are in the market to equip their soldiers with robots for anything from cargo carrying to surveillance and attack missions.
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