JERUSALEM — Elbit Systems will supply a multilayered counter-drone system to the Netherlands in a deal worth $55 million, the Israeli firm announced Monday.

The deal comes amid the heavy use of drones by both sides in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Elbit will fulfill the contract over four years, providing the European nation with its ReDrone counter-unmanned aerial system technology.

The Dutch Defence Ministry said the counter-drone systems are to deploy at the county’s air bases and the Den Helder naval port to defend against drones that weigh up to 20 kilograms (44 pounds). The ministry added that “the counter-UAS systems help to protect the armed forces units and the main weapons systems from enemy action, and can also be used to protect essential non-military infrastructure and processes in the Netherlands.”

Israel’s official policy is to fully support Ukraine from a humanitarian perspective, but not to provide it with weapons as it fights off a Russia invasion. However, the Israeli government doesn’t prevent local defense companies from selling defense technology to NATO countries, such as the Arrow 3 air defense transaction reported this month. Members of the Western alliance provide Ukraine with financial and materiel support.

As part of the contract, Elbit will supply several mobile, stationary and deployed configurations of the ReDrone integrated counter-UAS system along with a logistics support package and training.

The ReDrone is comprised of Elbit’s DAiR radar, signal intelligence sensors and a COAPS-L electro-optical payload, which provide an enhanced, integrated aerial picture along with high-end electronic attack capabilities. All can be fully directed by a unified command-and-control system.

The systems, according to Elbit’s website, can protect combatant forces, whether stationary or on the move, as well as essential facilities and borders. It cuts off the drone’s communication with its operator and blocks its use of GPS.

Tzally Greenberg is the Israel correspondent for Defense News. He has experience reporting on economic affairs as well as defense and cyber companies.

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