ANKARA, Turkey — A leading Turkish drone manufacturer says it developed a “mobile naval mine” that can blow up warships of all types.

The Wattozz program has been jointly undertaken by Albayrak Savunma, a drone maker, and Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey’s Black Sea region. Wattozz is named after “vatoz,” which translates to stingray.

The Wattozz features the shape of a stingray and is made of titanium and aluminum. It has two cameras fitted into the eye sockets of the “stingray” and can cruise at a maximum speed of 5.5 knots for up to 12 hours. The drone features three integrated engines.

The mobile mine is an underwater drone that can be used for surveillance or assault missions. It can carry explosives and is controlled by encrypted acoustic sound waves.

The stealthy Wattozz cruises underwater and then sticks itself under the hull of an enemy vessel with electromagnetic magnets. The explosion is controlled from a remote station. It can stay inactive on the seabed while in sleep mode. It also features a self-protection system against predatory fish and other animals with its electromagnetic and ultrasound signals.

Mustafa Adnan Albayrak, chairman of Albayrak Savunma, said the company has been working on the Wattozz program for the past two years. He said the company will officially launch Turkey’s first indigenous armed underwater drone within three months.

Burak Ege Bekdil was the Turkey correspondent for Defense News.

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